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FSO Polonez   (1986)

Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych (FSO) means in Polish Passenger Car Factory.

The FSO plant was established in 1951 by the Polish state in the northern part (Zeran) of Warsaw to produce automobiles for postwar Poland. The first product of FSO was Warszawa (big limousine and kombi) manufactured under the Soviet GAZ-M20 Pobeda licence.

Later, the small Syrena model was introduced. In the early 1970s an agreement was concluded with the Italian Fiat company to build a new middle-class model, called Polski Fiat 125. This model was produced until 1991. The state-owned company developed a new middle-class model named FSO Polonez, equipped with a liftback body.

After 1989 the problems of insufficient technology emerged and in 1997 the company was bought by the Korean company Daewoo Motors, which ultimately collapsed in 2001. As of 2005, the negotiations with a variety of foreign and Polish companies have been held to keep the factory going as it needs further implements of technology and new vehicle models. UkrAVTO holding is currently seeking to buy 20.36% of shares from the government; it also plans to relocate the equipment from the transmissions plant to the ZAZ.

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