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Success Model B   (1907)

The origins of the Success Auto-Buggy Manufacturing Company effectively date back to 1896 when John C. Higdon of St. Louis, Missouri produced the first car to bear his name. Although Higdon reportedly had no intentions of continuing such projects and invited anyone to draw freely from his new developments, full-scale production of his auto-buggies picked up in earnest by 1906 and continued through 1909.

Known for producing some of the most affordable and economical high wheelers available, Success's first product was the Model A, a runabout fitted with a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine mounted on the right side of the body. Producing between two and three horsepower, the Model A's transmission was comprised of a two-speed planetary gear and a sprocket on the rear left wheel. Steel wheels were standard, although rubber tires added an additional $25 to the modest $250 price tag. Just one year after its introduction, however, the Model A was replaced by a four-horsepower Model B and a two-cylinder Model C Runabout. Shortly after the 1909 introduction of a four-cylinder Model F and despite the company's optimistic name, Success failed, having produced only 600 vehicles.

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