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Mazda Familia

Generation 4

The BD Familia, first shown on 2 June 1980, was entirely new it was Mazda's first front-engine, front-wheel drive subcompact car. It was available as a hatchback and sedan. It was developed with input from Ford, which in 1979 had acquired a stake in the Japanese manufacturer, and had a twin called the Ford Laser (and Ford Meteor, for its four-door model in Australia). The new Mazda E engine-series, losely based on the preceding PC/TC/UC series, was developed expressly for the BD and was offered in three different displacements. The smallest 1.1-liter E1 unit was reserved for certain export markets where the tax structures suited it. Chassis codes were BD1011/BD1031/BD1051 depending on the engine installed.

Mazda Familia ,323 Hatchback


1.1 L (1,071 cc) E1, 1 barrel, 55 PS (40 kW; 54 hp) / 58 lbft (79 Nm)
1.3 L (1,296 cc) E3, 2 barrel, 68 PS (50 kW; 67 hp) / 70 lbft (95 Nm)
1.5 L (1,490 cc) E5, 2 barrel, 75 PS (55 kW; 74 hp) / 85 lbft (115 Nm)
1.5 L (1,490 cc) E5S, 2x2 barrel, 85 PS (63 kW; 84 hp) / 88 lbft (119 Nm)

For the Japanese market two other top end models were offered, the 2-door Familia XGI with a 1,500 cc single cam, multi-point fuel-injected engine and an XGI Turbo R with a turbo added. Its twin the Ford Laser S were also offered with the same specifications but in limited numbers. Claimed outputs in the Japanese market were considerably higher, presumably due to the of the differing JIS standard rather than DIN.

Mazda Familia ,323 Hatchback

This particular Familia was a strong comeback for Mazda in the Japanese market, even outselling the Toyota Corolla on several occasions. The four-door sedan was equipped with a reverse-rake front grille and lights in the Japanese market, to make it appear more "senior". The same front design was used for the GA/GB Ford Meteor.

Mazda Familia ,323 Hatchback

The 1980 Familia/323 was the first front-engine, front-wheel-drive vehicle from Mazda since the R130. This generation of 323 was Wheels magazine's Car of the Year for 1980. The existing station wagon version, simply a facelifted version of the previous rear-drive model (fitted with the square headlights and grille from the new model), was sold in parallel with the BD. The wagon was available with either three or five doors and was equipped either with the old 1,272 cc TC engine or the 1,415 cc UC. The 1.4 was replaced from 1983 with the newly developed 1,490 cc E5 engine. The 1.3 produces 60 PS (44 kW) while the larger versions offer 70 PS (51 kW).

Mazda Familia ,323 4p

The equivalent American GLC appeared in 1981. It was only offered with a single engine (the 2 barrel 1.5 L) and lasted through 1985, after which it was replaced by the next-generation Mazda 323 and the GLC nameplate was retired. It was the only front-wheel drive Mazda vehicle using the GLC name.

Mazda Familia ,323 4p

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